The Revelation of The Christ

The greatest revelation any man can see is the revelation of The Christ. Not the revelation of The Christ to man but the revelation of The Christ in man. This is the ultimate revelation_ the manifestation of the sons of God.

The Introduction

During a period of trouble God spoke of the coming Son of David who will also be the Son of God and all eyes were on the fulfilling of that which God has spoken.
It was indeed at another time of trouble, the time of which it was said great darkness covers the people, then the Light of the world was made manifest. This happened roughly two millennia ago and some people (actually the largest part of the world’s population) still holds that as the best thing that has ever happened in the world, that is working with the assumption that everyone who takes Christianity as their religion believes that Jesus is the best thing that ever happened in the world.
That is true to a point; it is true to that point when the Light began walking the earth, but after He left, His coming alone stopped being the best thing that can happen.
Let’s get it straight: Jesus’ coming is the best thing that ever happened, but that is not the best thing God wanted happen.
God help me not to go way over myself now. God didn’t just want a Son, in fact He gave up that only son as if He has no need of him but He does have a need of him. The need he has for him was not that he should appear on the scene of the play of the world and cause a huge disruption and then like a huge smoke that clears with time to just fade away. The need God has for His Son is that through the Son He can have many more sons.
If we are not careful we will be tempted to put off the coming of Jesus as an event. What this does is to term his coming as just “the best event” and nothing more. This also made us to put it in the past, “it has happened” and something usually follows that attitude: “and so what?”.

The gods vs. The sons of God

So you see, the best thing that ever happened was the coming of the Son, not because He came, but because His coming ushered in a dispensation that permits “mere men” to become gods and not just like ordinary gods but rather “sons of God” like the Son of God.
We should know or be reminded that gods are gods, they differ in class but they existed in their varying classes only as the imaginations of men permit, empowered by demons and doctrines of demons.
But sons of God are different. They are like God, they have all that made God God howbeit within a physical body. God is spirit.
Sons of God are also spirit but they live within the body. That body is a limitation and that is why the saints of old cries for their escape from the body which also explains why they embraced suffering for Christ sake, if by chance their escape can be hurried.
Haven visited that foundation, let’s move on to the part of the structure we started from; The revelation of the Christ is not the greatest thing in human history, it is the revelation of the Christ in human lives.
Jesus was revealed in the flesh and has always been revealing himself long after the days of his flesh but the greatest of his revelations is the one in the hearts of men that then stimulates and influence their actions.
To put it in a familiar perspective is to talk about the Bible book of Revelation.

The Revelation

The book is often described as the Revelation to John, or the Revelation from Jesus, or Revelation of Jesus or sometimes (I believe incorrectly) called the Revelation of John. John wrote from the outset that the revelation is the Revelation of Jesus. Rev. 1:1.
But the issue is not about the name of the Book John wrote, but that book has a lesson for us all: There is the Revelation of Jesus and there is the Revelation of Jesus in John. Jesus revealed himself TO John and also revealed himself THROUGH John.
Revelation of Jesus to man is often just an event. It is not ‘just’ like every other events but it is often an event nonetheless, but the revelation of Jesus through man is the life. This is what God wanted and this is what Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life”. If he is then the life, he could not have been lived in just an event_ his coming. His coming can only be the beginning of the life, but then he is eternal life, how then can we just limit his existence to a beginning_ his coming, and not be wrong?
What then are we saying here, his coming truly symbolizes a beginning, but it is not his beginning it is rather our beginning of becoming sons of God.
Just like every beginning: beginnings imply they are only introductions and after every introduction, what or who is being introduced follows. After The Christ was introduced and revealed to men, what follows as the body or the major part meant for the fullest attention is the revelation of the Christ through men.
If after reading this someone feels it is a rhema, a form of mystery now revealed, I must quickly say to the person that he is wrong. This was not a hidden code at all, it was what the apostles whose letters and epistles we are opportune to read are trying to pass across to us. These apostles are themselves not saying something totally new, they were only reiterating what Jesus The Christ has always been preaching. If you happen to meet me doing one of the mundane things of the world, like sleeping, eating or in my relationships and you could find The Christ revealed in my behavior or you were able to encounter the Christ after meeting me that my friend is when you should shout “rhema” or “revelation”.
The greatest revelation is not a knowledge, it is not an invention, and it is not even the revelation of Jesus to any man or to the world (That is a really great revelation) but the greatest revelation is the revelation of The Christ in a man’s life.

If The Christ has not been revealed TO you, He cannot be Revealed THROUGH you.
If The Christ has been revealed TO you, and you don’t have reasons to want Him revealed THROUGH you, then there is a need to check the so called revelation of The Christ TO you.(This means in simpler terms that you know Jesus as The Christ_ The Son of God, who died so you can live. To live in this sense means to live like a son of God. Every son of God lives like the Son of God ideally)
Our perfect revelation or manifestation as sons of God is not now, but it begins now.
It is my belief that when the revelation of The Christ THROUGH us is stronger than our physical body can bear we get translated. But how many of us get to reach that level?

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