The Scripture is not Written in Tongues

I don’t know whether you’ve come to realize that the devil is not an illiterate, I mean, he can also understand and read English; he’s been around for sometimes you know? If the enemy of our soul can understand and read English, it means he would have heard or read John 8:32.

Imagine an opposition telling your hostage the unfailing way out of your hold right in your presence, will you just wait there and stare, won’t you go ahead and do something about the information? Or can your enemy know your password or pin and you will leave it unchanged? Christ came and told the captives of the devil, right in His presence that ‘…you will know the truth and the truth will set you free’ and you expect the devil not to do something about that information? Of course not.

The evil one knows that it’s the knowledge of the truth that will set his captives free hence he does all things possible to ensure his captives knows not the truth or who will see the door of his disgrace opening and not dive to close it? What a lot of us think the enemy is doing in relation to us is not what he is doing, while a lot think the enemy is contending with their finance, he is actually busy ensuring they don’t know the truth.

Our finance, career, marriage and those things we hold so dear does not really matter to the enemy as we think it does, it is not money, marriage or health that will set us free from his hold, it is our knowledge of the truth that will. Our prosperity is not a threat to the devil, our knowledge of the truth is. The enemy will be happier if he could stop you from going for that teaching session or listening to that message than he would if he stopped you from getting a job, your job does not free you, it is your knowledge that does.

The scriptures is not written in tongues, we are facing an informed adversary, but we are more than conquerors through Christ that loved us if we choose the strenuous path of sporadzo.

John 8:32

If the knowledge of a particular truth is what will set a man free, I mean if all a man needs to know to be free from an unpleasant situation is a particular truth, then the following can be inferred:

Someone sometimes somewhere somehow must have done a very serious work.

Every information that delivers from an unpleasant situation was made available by the hard work of someone, whatever sets free from an unpleasant situation must have been a solution, for the truth to set a man free it must have been a solution to his bondage and every solution is a product of work. It is not said that you shall discover or invent the truth, it was only said that you shall know, it means the truth has already been discovered, we only need to uncover it.

The Truth is stronger than the man and his bondage.

For something to keep a man bound, it must be stronger than the man and for something to set a man free, it means it must be stronger than his fetters; the truth is stronger than the chain, the chain is stronger than the man. Or if a man had been stronger than his chains, would he have been bound by it? And if the chain is stronger than the truth would it give way to it? There things abide, the bondman, his bondage and the truth; but the greatest of the trio is the truth and the least of the trio is the man.

The bondage cannot stop man from meeting and knowing the truth

If the knowledge of truth will set a man free, it means man needs not to be free to know the truth. It is not our freedom that will make us to know the truth, it is rather our knowledge of the truth that will give us freedom. OUR BONDAGE CANNOT STOP US FROM KNOWING THE TRUTH THOUGH IT DOESN’T WANT US TO, NOTHING CAN STOP US FROM KNOWING THE TRUTH, IF WE DO NOT KNOW IT, WE CHOSE NOT TO. WE HAVE ACCESS TO THE TRUTH OUR BONDS NOTWITHSTANDING, IF WE KNOW IT NOT, IT IS ONLY BECAUSE WE CHOSE NOT TO.

We Have the ability to know the Truth

If a man is told he will know, it means he has the faculties needed to know and it means the truth is something he can know. God wants us free because He loves us, hence He made the truth that will set us free available, accessible and easily understandable. The knowledge of the truth is a gift to us and it’s just like our mental faculties, nobody worked to earn the brain but we must put it to work. We didn’t work to earn the eye but if we must see, we must work, that is, look.

The bond cannot stop the man from knowing the truth but it can stop the man from using his privileges.

One may not be able to stop another’s senses from functioning but they can stop him from using his functioning senses, this is exactly the plight of man.
Our adversary cannot stop us from knowing the truth but he can stop us by getting us busy with other things. The bond cannot close our eyes and stop our ears but he can engage them with other interesting things. Or why do you think our church services is now 2hours with only 30minutes for the word when Jesus will take 3days to teach, 40days after His resurrection to expound the scripture, a whole day to explain the scriptures to the duo on the road to Emmaus, one year indepth teaching gave birth to people who looked exactly like Christ to the extent that they were called Christians, what makes us Christlike in life and living is the truth we know through teaching, as we commit ourselves to the study of the truth, we will as Christ walk in freedom.

Let me know if this blessed you,
Jesus is Lord, we win.

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