This Year: Prayers, Resolutions and Revolutionary Actions

I am not writing prayer request for this year!

Recently I reconsidered the practice of making new year resolutions that has to do with writing prayer requests.

Have you written your prayer requests? It is a good thing to do, but that is not where it ends.

I chose not to write prayer request this year because I have not formed the habit of keeping the prayer lists. If you have written prayer requests, do well to keep it for review at the end of the year. This year I am working on writing down prayers that I want answered. That is a tall order though, because I want all of my prayers answered. One way I am planning on tricking myself into minimizing the risk is to lean on God for prayer inspirations. Am I expecting God not to give prayer burdens? No, but I am counting on it that the prayer burden will not be frivolous.

Another thing I am changing is the degree of thanksgiving. This year I am taking an active stance at pushing my praises way up and my complaints all the way down. If you are going to enjoy this year you should consider this also.

Here is an analogy: Have you seen a passenger who have reasons to voice out there protests and complaints during a road trip? You should be certain that that is the passenger who is likely going to have aches at the end of the journey. (This analogy is more apt for travelers on Nigerian roads, there are often many things to complain about: drivers, drivers’ driving, traffic jams, bad roads, bad vehicles and annoying passengers.) This implies that if you do not want to guarantee aches for yourself at the end of this year, you should consider minimizing your complaints.

I don’t like complaints but I complain about complaints. I guess that makes me a complainer too. So this year I am not going to complain about your complaining. You should do same, we will be well off for it.

Another thing you should consider and this may cause you to review your prayer lists for the year is how many of the prayers on the list are for someone or something other than yourself or your needs?

I cannot say for sure (because I have lost most of my prayer lists for several years) but you can take my word seriously that most of the prayers on the list are for myself and my needs. (Probably that’s why many of them went unanswered).

This year is going to be different. It is going to be different because I am going to be different. If your prayer list keeps looking like the previous years’ in these regards, you may not have a much different outcome.

Resolutions and Revolutionary Actions

Summarily, here are my resolutions and they are my revolutionary actions:

  1. I trust God to give me prayer burdens and prayer points
  2. I write every inspired prayer points
  3. I am more thankful
  4. I do not complain about complainers and their complaints

Invariably, I am going to be different therefore this year is going to be different.

I am leaving you with the poem that inspired (more like forced) this post. It is a simple prayer set into meter, rhyme and time. I hope someone sings it.

This Year

Feed us bountifully
Clothe us beautifully
Fill each day with blessings
Than our mind imagines

Put to flight our fear
Wipe away our tear
Give us this year favour
For decades we’ve labour

Let’s experience plenty
Where we have been thirsty
Let there be more color
For us and our neighbor

Do in us and for us
What a man cannot force
This year great and mighty
Things man’s eyes have not seen

alternative ending:

Do in us and for us
What a man cannot force
This year great and mighty
Things mind’s eye’s yet to see


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