Time Wasting

There are many ‘good, harmless and even godly’ ways to waste our lifetime and it’s quite unfortunate that we can be so spiritual that that the truth of these ways will seem too carnal to be believed; One of these numerous ‘pleasant’ ways of lifetime wastage is PRAYER, yes Prayer; Surprised? Don’t be, just read on with an open heart.*

Imagine you’re to present a matter before a Royalty or before a Top Government official, imagine how well you will prepare yourself and your speech, imagine how well you will be prepared to answer any question that may come at you and imagine how RAPT you will listen to every response that comes out of the mouth of the great one before whom you have presented your request…just imagine. Hear this and selah it…..THE ANSWER TO YOUR PRAYERS DEPENDS ON THE YESTERDAY, THE TODAY AND THE TOMORROW OF YOUR PRAYERS…What i mean is that THE EFFECT OF YOUR PRAYERS DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU HAVE DONE BEFORE YOU PRAYED, WHAT YOU’RE DOING WHILE YOU’RE PRAYING AND WHAT YOU WILL DO AFTER YOU HAVE PRAYED.*

The Yesterday of Prayers.

There are things to do before we pray so that our prayers will not just be another godly way of lifetime wastage; one of it is to forgive and another is to settle anything someone is having against you…. It’s a two way thing and i will take my time to explain both.

A. Forgive.

Every time spent in prayers with someone in our heart that we’re yet to forgive is a complete waste of our time for if we do not forgive,God will not forgive us our sins too and if our sins be not forgiven our prayers will not be answered. UNFORGIVENESS HAS ONE SINGLE NEGATIVE EFFECT ON THE PERSON YOU’RE YET TO FORGIVE-YOUR REVENGE, EVERY OTHER NEGATIVE EFFECT OF UNFORGIVENSS IS ON YOU PART OF WHICH INCLUDE: your sadness at the happiness of your offender, the aftermath of your revenge, hindrance to your prayers and eternity in hell. DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT WHAT MADE GOD REFUSE TO FORGIVE YOUR SINS HAS PLACED YOU COMPLETELY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN?….Unforgiveness puts us in more trouble than the person we refuse to forgive.*

B. Be Forgiven.

Just as unforgiveness will hinder our prayers, so will someone being offended by us do same. Knowing someone has an issue against you and refusing to take any step to resolve it will make our prayers a play. IF GOD LOVED THE WORLD ENOUGH TO SEND HIS SON TO DIE FOR MEN, DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT ANY THING WE DO AGAINST HIS WILL FOR MEN WILL PUT US IN TROUBLE WITH HIM?*


Culled from Matt. 5:23-24, 6:14-15.

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