Of Times And Season

Dear Friend,

Of Times And Season

I feel pressed in my heart to write to you about this times. You remember how we use to be very hungry for the knowledge of the times and season when we were on campus. I still have that hunger and I hope you still have it too. Bible says that we see in part, so just in case you haven’t seen what I am seeing, I want you to be aware.

These times call for us to be deliberate about our following Jesus. Remember that scripture that says that anyone that will follow Jesus must deny himself, daily carry his cross and follow Him. Now is the time for us to live out this instructions as the Lord is calling us to align with Him.

There is so much deception in town and I hope you haven’t been infected? We cannot take a part of our life away from the Lord as the Lord is calling for it all. He wants us to align with Him in every area of life. He says ‘put your house in order’

My friend, begin to arrange everything around you now because the Lord is close. Our Master will soon show up. Don’t hold anything that doesn’t belong to Jesus especially in my mind. Grudge, anger and all sort. You must let them go now so that you can be well aligned with Jesus.

Do you know that as obvious as bible prophecies are, many Christians still cannot see them? How surprising! You must make sure you are praying for discernment this period so that you will be able to see and approve of things that are excellent and without offence. Our antenna must be sharp to pick things.

Truly, our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. Jesus will show up very very soon. Do not let ambition drive your pursuits. Make sure all your decisions are well aligned. Some days ago, the Lord woke me and asked if I love Him. I felt very sober.

We can’t run our own ideas and principles any longer. We have to put our house in order and align with Jesus. I will still write to you again. There is something else in my heart to show you.

Your Friend,

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