Visiting Prophets: Good or Bad?

Visiting prophets is a culture that used to be very common in the church, however it is becoming an old fashioned idea as the church, on a corporate level is growing in the knowledge of God.

Some denominations do not celebrate the gift of the prophet as some other denominations. Those that celebrate the gift tend to visit prophets more than those that do not celebrate this very important gift in the body of Christ.

Mostly, when a believer visits a prophet, he seeks solution to a challenge that he doesn’t know the way out from, so in the manner of the African religion where you consult an oracle to know the solution of a challenge, believers also visit prophets for the same reason.

A prophet is simply a believer that has given himself to learning God’s voice accurately which means that the dimension of the prophetic is not reserved for a people. Every believer must have a level of the prophetic at work in his life. We must all be prophets, especially in this last days. Hearing God is no longer an advantage or privilege, it is now compulsory.

Believers today must learn to hear the voice of God for themselves in any situation and the word of a prophet should simply be a confirmation of what God has told you earlier.

However, as much as every believer must be able to hear God, we all must also know that the gift of the prophet has depths and we are in need of these very great depths in this last days. Every believer must truly celebrate the prophetic gift and pay enough attention to it.

We live in a time where deception is so high and if we will not be swayed by it, we will need the directives of prophets. There is a level in the prophetic ministry that can let you know the solutions to the situations of your life and even that of your family and friends, but we need much more than that right now.

We must know the will of God, not just for ourselves and families, but also for the community that we live in. We must know the counsel of God for investment opportunities and even elections of national leaders. Devil operates well when he is unnoticed, but the moment that he has been uncovered as the force behind an action, he is defeated. That is what we need prophets for.

As much as we must be able to hear God about matters of our life, we must also pay adequate attention to the words of prophets. It was the prophetic ministry that told us what the last days will look like in the bible, so it will only be a wise thing to pay attention to that same ministry in this last days.

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