Certainly, the story of Saul’s conversion in the bible will always make an interesting read. However, something quite intriguing (to probe) is the fate of the men who journeyed with him on that despicable mission. The last we heard of these guys was that they led blind Saul by the hand into Damascus. Beyond that, nothing more as it is unlikely that they were with him at Judas place on the Straight Street where Ananias went to extend a hand of fellowship.

The big question is what happened to them? Why wasn’t any other detail provided about them particularly after such a dreadful, life-defining episode? Just a singular idea comes to mind. The holy writ gave no further information about them probably because there was nothing noteworthy (and therefore scripture-worthy) about them, sequel to that event.

At this, a curious mind is left to wonder what these men, made of what happened to their former kingpin. Were they convinced? Were they confused? Were they convicted? Here was a fearless, ruthless, daredevil persecutor with a seared conscience brought down to his knees right before their very eyes. First, a sudden wave of light from heaven flashed around him (alone). This means it was a clear scene for their view. Then, Saul smitten by the force behind the illumination fell to the earth. Immediately, the voice of an invisible being, audible enough for all of them to hear, conversed with their master. Initially, the brightness of the light made Saul, by reflex to shut his eyes. However, after the dialogue, opening his eyes, he discovered he was blind!

To start with, was the conversation they heard revealing enough to convince them of Jesus lordship and therefore, the need to submit to Him (as Saul had done)? Was it anything to them that valiant Saul trembled in fear and surrender to the lord? Was it anything to them that after that encounter Saul jumped ship into the same camp he had hitherto antagonized? Was it anything to them that Saul became a completely overhauled person very different from whom they previously knew? If these meant anything to them, why then did they not commit to the Lord as well? We did not read of this, whether during those strange moments or thereafter.

So, what became of these people? Is it true that after being privileged to witness such life-changing episode, they themselves were unaffected? Indeed, it is disheartening to note; but this seems to be the reality. After standing speechless for some time, everything dissipated from their minds as though it were a mere occurrence.

Alas, many of us have been in these same shoes sometime privileged to witness dramatic encounters that redefined destinies but we remained unchanged. Well, it is no longer news that all such people are wanted. Yes, if you are one of them, then heaven is on the lookout for you! The saints are concerned about you. Now, is the time to reflect deeply on that encounter and make your own turnaround. How could you have allowed such to pass just like that? The Lord is calling out to you. Respond now, so we can find you.

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