Wants, Needs and Satisfaction

“What we want we take but what we need requires an external force for it to be satisfied.”
Economists said human wants are insatiable.
What about wants that makes them insatiable? It is a deception of human imaginations. It is an ever expanding horizon. The farther you go, the more it seems there is a longer way to go. If you go in the route of getting all you want, you will always be poor. Poor because you will still have more things you want.
Poverty in its extreme is the lack of basic needs but many are poor because they do not have what they want. They will remain poor in this regard because they will never have all they want.
Human wants kept being insatiable because there is a thin line between want and covetousness. There will always be something others have that we want and it is sad that we can never have all the things others have that we want.
It is only needs God supply that satisfy.
It is not every need met that satisfies but rather the possession and the understanding of God who supplies the need.
We often don’t get what we pray for because we often pray our wants instead of our needs. We don’t always know what we need apart from food, clothes and shelter.
God is never committed to satisfying our wants but meeting our needs.
“The Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need”
“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”
Accepting the innocence and the “stupidity” of a sheep and also accepting the sufficiency of the Lord as our shepherd eliminates wants and ungodly desires. It is in this simple matter that we can have satisfaction.
Satisfaction is simply absence of wants and the meeting of every need.
No man has capacity to satisfy himself. Attempting to do so leads to a cycle of vices: covetousness to envy, covetousness to bitterness, covetousness to stealing and of course a disastrous eruption of every form of corruption.
Covetousness is actually wanting what God has not ordained for you especially at that particular time.
Note that whatever others have that you covet might be a need met for them whereas it is a want for you just by the virtue of time or purpose. “I shall not want”. You see, want is a bad thing.
Have you ever seen something on the shelf in a shop or store and you made the purchase and you got home to just feel the item is inadequate? For instance, gold often looks more beautiful in the shop more than when it is worn. This of course often happens with the person who makes the purchase.
If you have had an experience like this, it is actually God sending a signal to you that nothing satisfies. Satisfaction doesn’t come by our own effort trying to get what we want. Satisfaction doesn’t even come with God meeting a need; that brings calm not necessarily satisfaction. Satisfaction is not in things, it is in the possession of a person.
The personality of satisfaction is God. Then we ask ourselves, who can possess God? Possessing God is not like possessing slaves or possessing goods but it is simply like saying a sheep possesses its shepherd. This may sound ironic or hyperbolic but no man can possess God except in this version and no man can be satisfied except via this route.

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