What do You Have? 

We don’t need much to survive, the little we have is sufficient for us to thrive. 

Does plants need plenty of water to grow? One of the smartest answers will be “it depends on the type”, but the State of Israel has proven that it is not true even for the most thirsty of plants. 

Drip irrigation system has been used to the effect that if all the water a land has is just moisture that condenses to only a minimum volume of dew, that is enough to water the plants. 

This gist is not about agriculture, Israel or drip irrigation but about the acknowledgement of the so called insignificant properties we all probably have. It is to the end that this acknowledgement leads to appreciation for them and how that subsequently leads to the increase and multiplication of these assets. 

There are many lands well watered that do not produce the quality of citrus, strawberry and flowers as Israel and it is not because these lands cannot or that Israel is more at an advantage  but that even where there is supposed lack, something at least is abundant. 

There are many intangible and probably unsellable things that are abundant where lack is obvious. The breakthrough is in the recognition of these things. What are these things? 

There is an inexhaustible list of such things, they probably do not have market value but they have eternal value, mostly. 

The value of little things 

Many of us are where we are because we call little what in reality is much. 

What everyone need is not much but little. We need salt, but only a little of it. We need oxygen but it is not the only constituent of the air we breathe. Do we appreciate the other so called inert constituents? If we know the value of the nitrogen in the air maybe we will breathe more deeply and with more appreciation.  

If you are asked what do you have, you are not likely to include in the list some of the most crucial things of life, yet you have them without struggle. Isn’t it true then that the most precious things in life are free? 

Many people have family, many people love and most people have a knowledge of something. It is not about what others do not have, because life was not set up for competition, life is for living. 

There are other things we all probably  have, most people have reasons to be happy, I for instance have joy and so are many others despite all they have been through. 

What others have is experience. They have the good the bad and the ugly experiences. One of the things I have is my several encounters with persons, and everyone have those, but we hardly think of them as assets. 

Of the many encounters I have is the defining one I have with Jesus Christ. I will henceforth talk about few things anyone who’s got the same encounter has but are being ignored. 

They have faith. They all have the belief in the salvation through the death and resurrection of Christ. They believe in God and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, thus believing that Jesus is also God. They believe in the Bible and they have these by faith. It is free but can easily be taken for granted. We should not. 

Being a child of God is not a small thing and it matters more than riches. It looks little but in reality it is all that matters. Possessing God is more than possessing the world. 

Faith in God through Jesus Christ leads to a living hope. The hope of eternal life lived now and in full at the manifestation of the new heaven and earth. 

We wrongly look for things we don’t need when all that we need has been supplied in Christ. We don’t need many things, we only need the Kingdom, once we have that, other things follow.  But then the Kingdom is likened to a mustard seed which is just little but then grows to become a strong perennial herb. 

If you count faith, hope, love, joy, salvation, eternal life and the likes as little, I think that somehow you are right. But these little things of the Kingdom is all that matters. They matter more than what we see, because what we see fades while the unseen is forever. 

What do you have? Will you like the servant with one talent feel so cheated and inferior that you ignore little as nothing? 

Little is not the same as nothing.

Don’t ignore the small mercies you have from God, they are what constitutes the sure mercies. 

People who don’t see greatness in little things cannot live well as members of God’s kingdom. 

Israel saw opportunity and a lifeline in dew and they achieved what countries with abundance of water finds difficult to achieve, all because they saw greatness in little things. 

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