What God Wants from Man

“What God wants from man is not hidden, what is hidden as it were, is the naked man hiding from the only one person who can cover his nakedness.”

Just the other day I was debating an issue with myself, I was seriously arguing for and against and suddenly an unsolicited statement finds its way into the debate:

“If you always wants things done your own way, you are proud”.

I have had issues with pride long before I became aware of what pride is. I have had stints of revelation about pride before, and the favorite is the correlation between poverty and pride. Quickly let me say something about that.

I used to fool myself that I don’t have problem of pride because I am very rich in lacks and wants than in items of high societal class or symbols of social prestige. How can someone who doesn’t have a good shoe talk more of a car be more proud than a Porsche owner? How is it possible to have nothing and still be proud? Don’t just ask the question of possibility or plausibility, because I am the testimony that it is possible and I want you to know that you should believe it, it is true; but is it reasonable? I don’t think so. Then the lesson was simply this:

“The real poor man is that man who is poor but is too proud to ask for help”.

Back to the issue at hand. How can God be telling me this? (I believe it must have been God breaking through the chaos in my mind to offer the help I needed even though I never thought I needed it) If I had known no better I would have felt like “if God really know me he should know that I easily consent to other people’s opinion, I don’t struggle for my will to be done” and the likes. Thank God, I know. I know that even though I can value people’s opinion to a fault, it does not stop me from being a seriously opinionated person.

Let me break it down a little further for you. If I am this opinionated, doesn’t that supposed to suggest to us that I really want things done my way? Doesn’t it also suggest I often believe I am right and should be right? Yes it does, but the truth is I can also be greatly mistaken and be fatally wrong?

About being fatally wrong, I remember one of the lines from Lecrae (I think it is) where he said something in line with Pascal’s wager and I paraphrase the two:

“I will rather live like God exists and be wrong than die and finds out it is true”

It takes humility to believe. It takes foolish pride to be an atheist. The foolish says in his heart there is no God. Let’s say for a moment that I want nothing to do with God, this means I will rather do things my own way than consider the thoughts of religious people who think they are mouth-piece of a non-existing deity. I become my own God and I run my life like it is mine. The question is, is it really mine? Now that I am my own God, what do I want from myself? I don’t know what the specifics of your desire for yourself will be but I know the generalization of what that desire will be for me, it is to be my best self. This assumption requires me to answer the question “what is my best self, and how do I know what’s best?” since I am “God”, I should know. But I don’t think I know. Do you know? I am not sure you do. We can only assume we know because we must also assume that each one is their own God and that these gods that we have become are relative in size and in capabilities.

Since I am no philosopher, and if I am, I don’t have excess of time to keep going in cycles of studying billions of gods. I will rather stick to knowing the only one God there is and what He wants from the crown of His creations. What God wants from man is not hidden, what is hidden as it were, is the naked man hiding from the only one person who can cover his nakedness.

Why won’t God leave man alone and let them do as they like? I have many ways I could have answered that but I choose to say “I don’t know”. But I know that He didn’t do that and He has some requests of man. Micah 6:8

“He has told you men what is good and what it is the Lord requires of you: Only to act justly, to love faithfulness, and to walk humbly with your God.”

To some extent we have been good at raising our voice against injustice, an indication that we may be making attempt at acting justly. We have done some job at being faithful, but I don’t think we really love it. We have done everything that goes contrary to faithfulness even though we desire it in people who work for us and people we are in relationship with. We have promoted cultures that goes against faithfulness as a virtue and those who have attempted faithfulness almost always have some scars to show for it. I don’t think anyone hurts what they love, but we have continually hurt faithfulness. Justice and faithfulness or mercy are not necessarily my focus because these have a way of being resolved by the last requirement: “to walk humbly with your God”.

You have always wanted things done your way how then can you walk humbly? You have never considered the import of God’s existence so you think you would rather wager against God’s existence. Sorry, God exists and He has required of you to walk with Him. Walking with God is reserved to those who love Him and fear Him enough to humble themselves to obey all He says. In case you have a picture of a dictator who you must obey or you will be punished, you may be seriously mistaken. God is not an egomaniac who needs your subjection and submission to feel alright. He’s a loving Father who loves you enough to guide you into doing what benefits you and ultimately makes Him happy.

You may not be able to humbly walk with your God except you believe He exists and that He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

In conclusion, you now know what God requires, and requires is a strong word, it means you have to do it but you may not, at your own expense. He requires you to

Act justly

Love faithfulness (or mercy) and

Walk humbly with your God.

God is walking and He wants His people who are also His children to walk with Him, will you come along?





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