What Happened During NYSC Service Year?

I remembered how it all began.


If I didn’t tell you, would you have known I’m Yoruba? In short, I looked like a Nigerian. That is not confusing at all.

Before the service year I have never been to the North. Actually, I have. I have been to Ilorin (who even put Ilorin in the North sef? I guess “Zoning” did). Up to the time I served, that is my northernmost venturing in the South.

I have therefore dusted my own sermon notes and have put them up for you to catch up with me on the spiritual side of what happened in Jos, where I served.

It will be inadequate for me not to acknowledge @NigCCF which served as the vehicle through whom I get to document these notes.

Much more happened that I did not write, but the much I wrote are good enough for you to munch.

Read the notes and you too can catch up on life.

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