What men say you are is not as relevant as what God knows you to be especially when what men say doesn’t tally with His understanding of you.

Think soberly.

When a man doesn’t know who he is, he will not be secure with who he is.

Because we don’t know who we are and how God calls us, we misbehave.

The curious case of Mr. Eliab. 1Sam. 16:6-7

People have made comments about you, called you some names and they may be wrong. What are they saying, is it what God is saying?

People may be looking at your results but God has not stopped looking at the heart. The result may speak for themselves before men, but what is your heart saying to God?

It does not matter the calibre of people who rates you, it has no significance that they are men of God in as much as their grading is different from God’s.

That the whole world says you are right but God voted otherwise does not make you right. You may look alright and the evidences are there proving beyond reasonable doubt that you are alright, but since God does not think that you are alright accept my condolences. We goofed, and you are all wrong.

Religious but rebellious. Angel Who?

How you look is not the issue here, what is important is what is inside you.

Don’t be fooled by artist’s description of Satan, he sure does not look as vile as the picture.

Have you heard of an angel called Lucifer? He was the most beautiful angel God probably made, but look is really deceptive, pride and rebellion was one day found in him and it cost him his exalted position.

Men are still seeing this angel today, it is just that the picture of his Heart is viler than the brush of an artist can paint it, alas you may be fooled. You may be fooled because he has not lost the outward beauty nor his skills, if you are able to look deep inside too, you will discover he has not lost the Rottenness of his heart.

That is angel Lucifer now known as Satan, but what about you? Do you go by one name and your heart by another? Who are you?

“Who are you?” can easily pass as the divine equivalent of our “how are you?” so how do you answer when God greets? He does expect more than a vague “fine, thank you”.

Like father, unlike sons. 1Sam. 1:3; 2:12, 14-15

People call them sons of the priest, God calls them sons of Belial.

Church organizations call you pastor, Reverend and every other title in their book, but who does God call you? Could your real name be a thief, adulterer, swindler and such titles?

Anyone who is serving God but is greedy for gains and benefits, whose real God is actually his belly, is a son of Belial.

You are a priest, well God sees a Satan look-alike.

I think we should stop being overly burdened with the sentiments of men, which often is limited to what is seen and is in the open. We should be concerned with what God is seeing in the secret, because that is what will determine your stand in judgment.

Can we for a season begin to hear “how are you?” as “who are you?”?

The sad church of Sardis and the unfortunate Assembly at Wealthy Estate. Revelation 3:1-3, 14-17

You are doing great you know, but God says you are doing great like a corpse chilling in the morgue.

You should start getting it into your head that God does not reason like man. You should Also start using the kind of calculator God uses.

It does not matter much what People say about you, neither does it matter much what you say about yourself, what matters for all of eternity is what God says about you.

What gets you in heaven or hell is not what you or other people say, it is what God says. Should you not pay a much close attention to what He has to say to you?

This has nothing to do with positive confessions. Confess as much as you are able, but make sure you are only repeating what He says.

If he says you are Poor, it won’t matter calling yourself rich.

If He says you are naked and unfortunate, being on Forbes list won’t change your fortune and neither will owning A Fortune 500 company cancel out your wretchedness.

You think power means preaching with multitude shouting hallelujah and amen. You think loud and noisy services within big buildings are the sign of a lively church, with wholesale hypocrisy going on in the churches, you are joking, but God is not laughing.

Well God knows our work that we are not cold and we are not hot. We claim to be who we are not and what we think we are, we are not.

The real identity determines destination. Do you know how God sees you? Do you think your present identity is such that will grant you safe passage into glory?

Will your life lived on the way it is be a temptation for people to lie when you die? Will people be saying you have gone to heaven when actually you are expecting a never coming breakfast in hell?


Facilitated by Olubunmi Obalade (PhD)


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