Without Hope, Without God in the World

“With hope we can bravely look death in the face. Even though we still live in the wicked world we are no longer afraid because we now have hope. We don’t have this hope in ourselves or by ourselves but because of God.”

There is a song that I started singing as I woke up this morning. The song is a love song and the only person the song is most appropriate is God. “How sweet it is to be loved by you”.

What I will be sharing today is good for both believers and unbelievers. For the believers, to raise thanksgiving to God for loving us so much and for the yet to believe, to have understanding and knowledge of God’s love and to reciprocate by loving Him in return.

Ephesians 2:12 (HCSB)

“At that time you were without the Messiah, excluded from the citizenship of Israel, and foreigners to the covenants of the promise, without hope and without God in the world.”

The emphasis is on without hope, without God and in the world. Three key things, 1. Without hope, 2. Without God and 3. In the world

Let’s start with “in the world”.

We are in a world where there is wickedness and people think to overcome wickedness they have to be exceedingly wicked. They assume because the world is wicked if they become exceedingly wicked they will overcome the world.

The world lies in wickedness.

There is power in man. A man doesn’t have to be a witch, if a man has evil desire against you, it can happen. Even if your thought is evil towards yourself it can happen. This is so because of the power imbued in us as creatures created in God’s image, God first thought out the creation and eventually spoke it to being.

The world is so wicked and can do all the evil by itself even if powers and principalities, Satan and demons are removed from the present equation. It takes the power of God revealed by grace in Christ Jesus to cure the world of its wickedness.

If the world can be so wicked only by the humans in it, add on top of it, evil beings, Satan, demons and principalities of darkness, then we must assume the world is really wicked to the highest degree imaginable.

It is in Christ Jesus and by Him that those who believed are seated in heavenly places far above powers and principalities. This truth is invariably telling us that without Jesus we will be under the domination of powers and principalities.

The world is already wicked with darkness covering it, add on top of it hopelessness. It is indeed hard to live without hope; an expectation of a better tomorrow.

A story was reported of a medical student who was awaiting his final result in the medical school after several years of labour and rigorous training. During this waiting period another information got to him that his admission was not genuine and therefore is not recognized as a student of that institution. It was said that immediately he heard and confirmed his fear, he picked his car and drove himself to death, killing some other road users in the process. If this young man did not die and you asked him why he wanted to kill himself, his response may go like this “all the time and money spent and all the effort put at becoming a medical doctor are now wasted, can anything good come out of my life, I cannot live with the shame? To die is better than to be ashamed etc.” the summary of everything will be lost of hope.

But people have gone through worse but they still did not kill themselves. It must have been hope that makes living possible for them.

We do not have a purpose living without hope. Hope makes living possible. No wonder we were dead in our trespasses before God redeemed us. A poor man can keep living who has hope and a rich man can commit suicide who has lost hope.

But we do not really have hope in the eternal sense until God came on the scene. And those who now have hope have it because of God.

Without God, we were without hope and everyone who is still without God is without hope but such persons should never forget what it means to be in the world without God and without hope.

With hope we can bravely look death in the face. Even though we still live in the wicked world we are no longer afraid because we now have hope. We don’t have this hope in ourselves or by ourselves but because of God.

It was this gracious God who brought us into this living hope. Before now we do not have access to the Kingdom superior to this world but because of Jesus Christ and by faith in Him we have become heirs of salvation.

We must therefore take note of what God has freely given us to enjoy because we may not know what hope is until we lost it, and how gracious God has been to us until we ignore Him when it’s late to find Him.

The Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent takes it by force. This word of Christ should just not be taken as the struggle it takes to enter God’s Kingdom but also as the attacks that comes on the Kingdom because you have been brought in. the powers and principalities of this world don’t want you in God’s Kingdom so the Kingdom is been attacked for your sake if per chance what you are now enjoying might be removed from you.

Many are the people roaming the streets in the world without any understanding of the graveness of being without hope let alone without God.

You don’t want to be caught alone in the world without God. Until you are with God, you are eternally hopeless.

The bold claim to being with God is to BE IN Christ. If you are not in Christ, you are not with God. This means you are without eternal hope and without God and that right in the world.

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