Your King is Coming

your%20King%20is%20coming“Everything before the passion of Christ is meant to be the introduction, the main content of His purpose starts with the triumphal entry.”

The King and His Kingdom

We have a king who will not abandon his subjects.

Everything before the passion of Christ is meant to be the introduction, the main content of His purpose starts with the triumphal entry.

The significance of the triumphal entry is to first symbolize the representation to the Jewish people their expectation of a Messiah who will also be a king to deliver them from the rules of Caesars.

To their amazement and wrapped in a cloak of mystery, the messiah didn’t come on a horse as a high and mighty king coming on the representation of force and warfare; he came as the humble ruler, poor and not in the wisdom of man a picture of a mighty king.

Jesus knows who he is and does not need the permission of a worldview to determine his administrative structure or picture. Yet His kingship and rule transcends boundaries.

His rule is secure, so he doesn’t need to fight to impose his rule. Even though he fights, he doesn’t fight for the reasons kings and kingdoms fights.

Lose Yourself

When the king first came, the crowd removed their garments, the animal he rode notwithstanding. They lost themselves as it were. Therefore anyone who must worship this coming king must lose themselves. They must lose the imagination of who they think they are more like the example their king has shown. He was and is the heir of all thing. He made everything, both the animals people ride as symbol of authority and even the people themselves, yet he made himself less than best men but associate with so called nonentities.

When you come before the king of kings, you must lose your identity. Yes that which men use in identifying you. If you are addressed the way you dressed or esteemed by the kind of dress you wear, this crowd removed their identity and lost themselves in reckless abandon to worship the Lord.

What’s your position?

You should also note that while the crowd, often the poor and nonentities will worship and recognize the kingship of the only true king, the wealthy and highly placed were found in opposition to the advancing kingdom. What is your position? Are you not part of them who opposes this heavenly Kingdom? Note that nothing you do against this king will stop him from conquering. You can only bow to him by allowing him trample on your identity so you may be raised to the position of authority or else you will be trampled on and your blood will stain his robe and his horse.

The Judgement

You want a king who will ride a horse. This one will also ride one, but you can worship him now willingly while he humbly rides a colt, when he come riding on a horse, it will be with fire in his eyes and sword in his mouth. That time will be for judgement for those who were not for him. The judgement will be based in this: they do not believe.

Your King is coming

Jesus is coming. I don’t think that’s news anymore. He came and he is coming back. He came riding a colt but he will come on a horseback. But what is the importance of his second coming?

He is coming for judgement and reward. Judgement because the world loves darkness rather than light. Judgement because of the world’s unbelief. Reward because when he shall appear we shall be like him.

The King and His lookalikes

People who believe in the king have been given power to become sons of God. Before the king’s first coming, there was only one begotten Son of the Father, but by him, all who believe in the salvation of God have become co-heirs with the only Son. By choice, the King decided to share his rule and kingdom. He could do this because the Kingdom is his by right and by heritage.

The King now have subjects who are not slaves but kings that he may indeed be King of kings and Lord of lords.

It is not yet certain what our true picture will be like, but we know that we shall be like Him when He appears. You know why, because we now have His seed in us which is the power to become that was input in us when we believe.

We should all be eager to see Him and really pray Maranatha, why? Because our glory is in His appearance. The whole creation is earnestly waiting so should the redeemed.

The Bride who is Ashamed

We are not eager for His appearance because we are like the bride who has played the harlot before the coming of the groom, she will be reluctant to appear before the one who should be her ultimate joy. If we are done with the wrinkles and the spots we can come out unashamed to present our best self to the groom. Let those who have not known the King or accepted Him as king do so now before the judgement day. That day is not a day for advocacy because every judge will be standing trial. It is not a day to plea on anyone’s behalf because all the lawyers will also be docked as defendants too.

Those who have bowed to the King should check themselves for the spots and the wrinkles that we may present before Him unashamed.

If you are eager to see Him appear let’s say together Maranatha, come Lord Jesus.


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